2nd Sino-German Workshop:
Optical Spectroscopy of van der Waals Semiconductors

Date: October 2-5, 2024     Location: Ettal Abbey, Germany



Prof. John Lupton

University of Regensburg

Prof. Kai-Qiang Lin

Xiamen University

Prof. Christian Schüller

University of Regensburg

Prof. Bin Ren

Xiamen University

Invited speakers

Prof. Nicholas Borys

Montana State University

Prof. Rudolf Bratschitsch

University of Münster

Prof. Giulio Cerullo

Polytechnic University of Milan

Dr. Paulo de Faria Junior

University of Regensburg

Prof. Goki Eda

National University of Singapore

Prof. Jonathan Finley

Technical University of Munich

Prof. Rupert Huber

University of Regensburg

Prof. Steven Louie

University of California

Prof. Anlian Pan

Hunan University

Prof. Diana Qiu

Yale University

Dr. Marcel Reutzel

University of Göttingen

Prof. Christian Schneider

Universität Oldenburg

Prof. Ping-Heng Tan

Institute of Semiconductors CAS

Prof. Xiaodong Xu

University of Washington

Prof. Wang Yao

University of Hong Kong

Prof. Shiwei Wu

Fudan University

Prof. Ursula Wurstbauer

University of Münster



2pm - 6 pm: talks

8 pm: posters


9 am - 12:30 pm: talks

lunch break

3 pm - 7 pm: talks


9 am - 12:30 pm: talks

lunch break

2 pm - 6 pm: excursion

8 pm: posters



10 am: departure


The workshop will be held in Ettal Abbey with an excursion to Neuschwanstein castle.