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Preis für gute Lehre 2021 für Sebastian Bange


Schottky Prize for Kaiqiang Lin


Kekulé's nightmare - snakes and ladders


Negative-mass electrons in WSe2


Triplet quenching reported in Science


Twinkle, twinkle little star - counting single molecules

Laser Lab

The laser lab is home to the nonlinear optics setup. We have a fs-oscillator with about 0.6W power and 90fs pulse length with appropriate optics for linear, nonlinear and pump-probe experiments. A helium cryostat system with front access (for microscope objectives) and back access (for excitation beams) allows for micro-photoluminescence, nonlinear optical sample characterization and micro-electroluminescence experiments between 3.8K and about 450K.

Laser Lab 2

Microscopy Lab

This lab features a setup for single-molecule microscopy in confocal as well as wide-field mode.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is primarily used for sample preparation with wet-chemical methods. It also contains setups for absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy of fluid and solid film samples.

Surface Preparation Lab

The surface preparation lab is used for sample preparation and OLED preparation.

Image: Vacuum evaporator, glove box, and flow box.