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Group SeminarWinter semester 2022/2023

Monday, 13:30 p.m.
PHY 2.0.31

17.10.2022 Laser Safety Instructions Dr. Sebastian Bange
24.10.2022 Probing excitonic population dynamics by nonlinear optical wave mixing in monolayer WSe2 Jonas Bauer, Lupton group
31.10.2022 pause -
07.11.2022 Fabrication and characterization of cvd-based MoSe2-WSe2 heterostructures (Master thesis) Anna Weindl, Ag Schueller
14.11.2022 Fabrication of bilayer WSe2 dual-gate transistor devices for the study of intra- and interlayer hybrid excitons (Master thesis) Daniel Neuhauser, Lupton group
21.11.2022 tba vacant
28.11.2022 Theory of Exciton Dynamics in TMDC Mono- and Bilayers Manuel Kratzer, Ag Selig, Knorr Group, TU Berlin
05.12.2022 tba vacant
15.12.2022 Christmas Seminar Ag Schueller/Lupton group
19.12.2022 tba Dr. Hans Malissa, Lupton group
09.01.2023 tba Dr. Vagharsh Mkhitaryan, Lupton group
16.01.2023 Four-wave mixing on WSe2 (Master thesis) Petter Marzena, Ag Schueller
23.01.2023 tba vacant
23.01.2023 tba Philipp Parzeval, Ag Schueller
30.01.2023 tba Eva Schmid, Lupton group
06.02.2023 tba Sabrina Streicher, Lupton group

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